DeNovo - From The Beginning

DeNovo is an energy company focused on meeting the energy needs of Trinidad and Tobago with specific focus on the petrochemical sector.

With strong local capability and global collaboration, DeNovo is distinguished for delivering innovative results to meet current and future energy needs.

DeNovo is committed to delivering its business with zero harm to people and the environment, and increasingly reducing its carbon footprint by using innovative and green technology. Since commencing gas production on its first field (Iguana) in November 2018, DeNovo has demonstrated safe and reliable operations with an uptime of 99.8%. Its second field development (Zandolie) will be powered by 100% renewable energy.

Part of the Proman family of companies, DeNovo remains committed to maximizing the use of local content and innovative technology to unlock opportunities and to find new and better ways to contribute to the sustainable development of hydrocarbon resources for the benefit of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our HSSE Policy

  • Deliver our business with zero harm to employees, contractors, partners, suppliers and neighbouring communities.
  • Ensure that our facilities are designed, procured, constructed, commissioned and operated to enable healthy, safe, secure and sound performance.
  • Empower and require employees, contractors, partners and suppliers to stop work whenever they believe there is danger to people or the safe and secure operation of our assets.
  • Develop a culture that values good HSSE performance and recognises its link to good business performance.
  • Consult and participate with workers and worker’s representatives to drive continuous improvement in HSSE, embrace intervention in unsafe practices and conditions, share lessons learnt, work with the industry to improve practices, and learn from the experiences of others.

  • Set clear accountabilities for the delivery of HSSE activities and implement a Management System Framework (MSF) that provides a systematic risk management approach.
  • Employ a systematic approach to HSSE geared towards hazard elimination, and continuous HSSE risk reduction to business and stakeholders.
  • Deliver HSSE compliance with the law, and drive continuous performance improvement.
  • Set HSSE objectives and targets for improvement, and measure and report performance.
  • Implement environmental protection measures in our business lifecycle that are based on the prevention of pollution.
  • Ensure that contractors and consultants follow this policy when working for DeNovo in any capacity, including as our agent, on our behalf, or in our name on any business activity not excluding outsourced services.

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Proman is Trinidad and Tobago’s largest petrochemical player, and the first Downstream group to expands into the Upstream in the country. Proman is an integrated industrial group and global leader in natural gas derived products and services. Headquartered in Switzerland, with assets in the United States, Trinidad and Oman, and ongoing expansion into Mexico, Proman is the world’s second largest methanol producer and one of the ten leading fertiliser companies. Proman is also a significant services business, with extensive experience in petrochemical plant operations, petrochemical and power plant construction, product marketing and logistics, and project management. The Group offers a fully integrated, diversified platform across the whole value chain from the production and conversion of natural gas to the marketing and delivery of end products to its customers.